Hollis Prism 2 rebreather given CE approval

UK and Ireland sales begin after certification go-ahead

Author: Pat
18th October 2019

Hollis Prism 2 rebreather

The Hollis Prism 2 fully closed circuit rebreather (CCR) has been given European CE approval, meaning it can now be sold in the UK and Ireland.

Both the front mounted counterlung (FMCL) and back mounted counterlung (BMCL) variants passed all tests in accordance with EN 14143:2013.

Using a standard CE benchmark, which is 40 meters using air as diluent gas, the Prism 2 recorded a work of breathing (WOB) of 1.57 Joules per litre.

Hollis Rebreathers said “We are beyond pleased to present the Prism 2 to our European customers and couldn’t be happier with the performance results.”

Rebreathers UK (RBUK) based in Hampshire is the sole distributor for UK, Malta and ireland and also for EU until other distributors are appointed.

Prism 2 units are on sale now and will be on sale at the NEC dive show on 26/27 October, along with BMCL conversion kits.

Only units supplied by RBUK (or other EU distributors when they are appointed) will be covered by UK/EU warranty and product liability insurance which is supplied by that distributor. Units purchased outside the EU/UK will be covered by the warranty and consumer protection of that country not the EU/UK. Rebreathers UK will support all existing units purchased prior to 15 Oct 2019.

Hollis has updated the user manual to reflect small parts changes, which can be found here: https://www.hollisrebreathers.com/support/manuals/

Pricing will be announced in due course. You can follow Hollis Rebreathers on their Facebook page.

Picture of the Hollis Gear Prism 2 rebreather

Video Ray image courtesy Jan Henrik Bentsen of Dagfin Skaar AS

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