Light For Me GoPro system

HIgh quality rig takes GoPro video to another level

Author: Pat
1st April 2012

There’s now an affordable way to turn your GoPro into all-purpose underwater lighting rig.

It’s called the GoPro Video Lighting System and is the work of Polish outfit Light For Me. I meet company co-owner Anna Dub at the NDAC in Chepstow, just down the road from where she now lives with life and business partner, Piotr (Peter) Redkiewicz.

Whilst on a flat calm surfing trip in the Baltic, Peter first tried scuba diving and was quickly hooked. An engineer by trade with a passion for innovation, Light For Me was born.

more control over what you’re shooting

Today the company is registered here and in Poland, employs 14 people in Eastern Europe and exports a range of professional underwater lighting systems worldwide.

Peter and Anna both dive CCR and their extensive (and growing) range of products look well suited to technical diving. There are video lighting sets, primary and backup torches, umbilicals and rebreather accessories.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll be familiar with the GoPro Hero camera: shooting full HD and about the size of two matchboxes, the Hero (and new Hero2) are being worn by skiers, mountain bikers, skydivers and scuba divers alike.

Now Light For Me has created a special GoPro Video Lighting System. Mounted on a Goodman handle and bungeed around the wrist, there are two arms with a 900-lumen torch mounted on each. You turn the handle clockwise and it emits a clear white light with a 120-degree arc.

The batteries are Lithium-ion of the 18650 variety – not sold in high street shops but not a rarity either, and plentiful online. They look like a slightly elongated ‘AA’. You’ll need to find a charger too, although these are cheap as chips.

Up close the quality of the unit is apparent. It feels good and solid, and is made of anodised aluminium. The lighting arms attach with a ball joint and butterfly connectors, enabling a wide range of adjustment.

Thanks to the hand grip, the Video Lighting System offers an excellent way to shoot HD video without breaking the bank. Many divers just affix a Hero camera to a BCD or on their head and forget it’s there – but if you want a bit more control over what you’re shooting, Light For Me’s system is ideal. The lights are rated to 100 metres so you won’t be limited to shallow waters, either.

Light For Me are keen to offer a ‘try before you buy service’, so drop them a line and arrange to pop to Chepstow if you fancy testing their gear for yourself.

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