5 facts about Conger eels that may surprise you

Look out for the bluey-grey flesh under hull plates and hiding in pipes

Author: Pat
25th September 2018

You’ll struggle to complete a UK wreck dive without finding a Conger eel on it somewhere. Where did these startling, gargantuan creatures ever live before sunken steam pipes and boilers found their way to the sea bed?

Five things we’ve learned about Congers

  • ¬†They’re popular with fishermen – possibly because of their size. They’ve been fished for almost 1,000 years
  • 10 feet long is not untypical
  • Main UK distribution is around the western coasts, less common in the east
  • A Conger attacked a diver off Ireland in 2013, removing a chunk from his face (erk)
  • Trawlermen recently hauled in a 20-foot long Conger in waters off Plymouth
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