Chasing M2 professional ROV range overview

Choice of three units for industry-level requirements

Author: Pat
13th September 2022

Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV

The Chasing M2 range offers a lot of value for money, at a time when more remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are entering the marketplace.

Chasing-Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. Of China has been producing leisure and affordable underwater drones for recreational use, such as the Gladius models. However, Chasing highlights that thanks to the top-end models it is increasingly a leading provider of underwater ROVs for underwater search and recovery missions, too.

The M2 Pro Max can descend to and work at 200 metres

About the M2

Three versions are available: the M2, M2 Pro, and new M2 Pro Max. Each builds on the last, with greater operational range, more customisation and features as standard. The range-topping M2 Pro Max can descend to and work at 200 metres, with five accessory ports and maximum portability for the user who needs to work in the field or challenging environments. It also comes with foldable external 8,000 lumen floodlights to complement the extended working depth and low visibility.

Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV

SAR use

The M2 series of ROVs are now being used by search and rescue (SAR) teams and first responders for drowning and evidence recovery. The challenges of using divers for search and rescue include time restrictions and deployment requirements, whereas Chasing underwater ROVs can play a significant role quickly in making sure police and fire crews have the appropriate means for underwater search and recovery missions.

Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV


Chasing underwater ROVs provide real-time visual 4k/12 megapixel video. Crucially, the M2 series has adaptability thanks to a range of accessories and add-ons for different customer requirements. Upgrade options allow users to deploy tailor-made tools such as sonar, to navigate and locate through turbid waters; and a grabber arm, to retrieve victims or evidence in a short time.

Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV

The M2 Pro Max has a centrally located docking station, enabling you to add accessories and position them for balance and performance. Chasing offers 20 accessories for the ROV, including a laser scaler, water sampler, imaging sonar, auxiliary camera and more, depending on your requirements. You can remove the 128Gb SD card easily, and replace with new cards up to 512Gb for long duration missions.

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Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV


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