Camel Bar showing Euro 2012

Watch England visit Poland and Ukraine in Egypt, or something

Author: Pat
15th June 2012

Picture of a camel in Egypt

Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh in the next couple of weeks will be able to catch Euro 2012 action at the Camel Bar.

Located on the main strip through the town and adjacent to the dive centre, the Camel Bar is arguably the most well known hangout in Sharm.

sunset with a shisha pipe

In actual fact it has three bars, stacked one on top of the other. Each bar serves snacks, full-on grub and drinks.

Up on the roof is the place to be to watch the sunset with a shisha pipe.

But with the Olympics looming and European Championship in full swing, there’s no getting away from sport this summer – even by flying to Egypt. The Camel Bar promises to show every game in full HD, and has some footy-related drinks promos going on.

The roof terrace remains football-free so if it’s not your thing, the Camel Bar is definitely still worth a visit. Chances are you’ll get the pick of the beanbags up there until July 1st, anyway…

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