Atomic Aquatics BC1 test

Atomic Aquatics BC1 review

Its maker says this is the ‘ultimate’ BC: are they right?

Diving with the Hollis Explorer

Hollis Explorer rebreather

Could the Explorer be the machine to take closed circuit diving mainstream?

Atomic Aquatics Venom

Atomic Aquatics Venom

Pricey, but highest quality and clarity for the discerning diver

BARE SB drysuit

BARE SB system

Breathable drysuit works in tandem with thermals to deliver serious comfort

Fourth Element Thermocline wetsuit

Fourth Element Thermocline

Neutrally buoyant wetsuit is stylish alternative to Neoprene

Picture of Kowalski torches

Kowalski LED torches

Latest underwater illumination of typically German quality

Picture of the GoPro HD Hero2 video camera

GoPro HD Hero2

Tiny, sturdy and flexible Hero2 is a powerful filmmaking weapon

Picture of the Light For Me GoPro Video Lighting System

Light For Me GoPro system

HIgh quality rig takes GoPro video to another level

Finn Sub 1400 Short

Finn Sub Finn Light 1400 Smart

Premium illumination from Czech Republic for tough applications

Fathom drysuit is comfortable and hardy

Typhoon Fathom

Top of the range tri-laminate suit challenges expensive rivals

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt unit with hose

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt

Brilliantly lit OLED Cobalt is a computer for the iPhone generation

Illuminated DSMB on the surface

Custom Divers SEE-ME

The illuminated DSMB is a very bright idea