Northern pike

Northern pike

Crocodilian predator with sharp teeth patrols lakes up and down the country

Flying gurnard

Flying gurnard

A fish that likes to wing it

The common prawn

Common Prawn

Is it a prawn or is it a shrimp? It doesn’t matter

Slipper liimpet

Slipper limpet

When is a limpet not actually a limpet? When it’s an invasive snail

Not a fish finger, but found in the sea

Dead Man’s Fingers

Not all corals are found in warm and tropical waters…

Common Starfish

Common starfish

Regenerating lost arms is not what you might expect

Lobster calls the wreck his home

Common Lobster

Bad tempered, big claws and hard armour

Life on the Scylla artificial reef

Plumose anemone

Tall, light and fluffy: got to be the plumose anemone

Tompot Blenny looks on

Tompot Blenny

Small, lazily immobile fish with wide eyes even wider smile

Picture of a Spider Crab in the UK

Spider Crab

Unwelcome sight for those afflicted by Arachnophobia

Picture of a Common Cuttlefish in the UK


Hovering and inquisitive mollusc is always fun to watch

Picture of a Velvet Swimming Crab

Velvet Swimming Crab

Fire-eyed crustacean needs an ASBO for behaviour