Win a copy of Freeze Frame

Doug Allan specialises in seriously cool photography

Author: Pat
23rd June 2012

Picture of the book Freeze Frame

Oonasdivers has a signed copy of Doug Allan’s book ‘Freeze Frame’ up for grabs.

If you’ve got any interest in the natural world, undoubtedly you watched the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ recently. If so, much of the stunning photography was Doug’s work.

an insight into life watching wildlife

Specialising in nature photography in hostile places has provided Doug with a fascinating career lasting almost 30 years. Prior to life as a cameraman, he worked for the British Antarctic Survey as a research diver, scientist and photographer.

The book ‘Freeze Frame’ contains 240 pages of choice images, giving a real insight into life watching wildlife.

Doug Allan gave a lecture in Brighton recently with dive tour operator Oonasdivers in attendance. Check out their Facebook page and you could collect a signed copy of ‘Freeze Frame’ for yourself.

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