HMS Hermes wreck open for diving

Aircraft carrier sunk off Sri Lanka added to travel itinerary

Author: Pat
18th June 2013

Techies with a lust for rust should pack their bags and head to Sri Lanka.

blue o two is now offering trips to dive the HMS Hermes, a World War II aircraft carrier sunk in 58 metres of water.

she lies in 45-58 metres

Although less familiar than HMS Hermes of Falklands War fame (R12), Hermes (95) was one of the earliest aircraft carriers. She was spotted by Japanese planes and dive-bombed off Batticaloa.

307 men lost their lives, and until recently, the wreck was off-limits unless accompanied by the Sri Lankan navy.

But a relaxation of that rule has now opened up Hermes to sport divers, albeit of a technical disposition: she lies in 45-58 metres.

Trips to the stunning island of Sri Lanka can now be booked through blue o two, giving divers the opportunity to visit the beautiful reefs.

The company is offering a 10-day itinerary allowing guests to explore the island’s rich maritime history, with an estimated 200 shipwrecks around the coast.

HMS Hermes is one of just three aircraft carriers accessible to divers (along with the USS Oriskany located in Florida and the USS Saratoga located in Bikini Atoll) – although uniquely she was the only one sunk in battle.

For more information about trips to Sri Lanka with blue o two, give them a bell on +44 (0)1752 480808 or email

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