Book a holiday and earn money for your dive club

BSAC teams up with blue o two in new ‘kickback’ scheme

Author: Pat
11th January 2018

See sharks, earn for your club - photo credit: Simon Lorenz

Liveaboard operator blue o two has teamed up with the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) to offer a sweetener to would-be holidaymakers.

Every current BSAC member who books a holiday with blue o two will now pay a direct contribution of £25 to the BSAC member’s chosen club.

let’s face it, that RHIB didn’t come cheap

This can be invested towards anything the club needs – and let’s face it, that RHIB didn’t come cheap.

But the money could be spent on new diving equipment, development of club facilities, maintenance, marketing or events.

BSAC members booking with blue o two are still entitled to claim the existing 5% BSAC discount from their purchase too.

It’s a retroactive offer. After your holiday, you’ll receive an email from blue o two with some simple instructions, and a form to send over to the club treasurer to claim cashback for your club.

Once the forms are received by blue o two, they will issue a cashback payment directly to your club.

£25 for the club may not sound much – but consider this. A full charter trip on board M/Y blue Horizon in the Red Sea can cater for up to 26 divers, which works out as a direct contribution of £650 paid by blue o two to your club…

For full terms and conditions and further details on this partnership visit

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