Thistlegorm guide brings wreck to life in 3D

Detailed new book explores captivating Red Sea shipwreck

Author: Pat
17th November 2020

A new book called Diving the Thistlegorm publishes shortly and contains an in-depth look at one of the world’s best-loved shipwrecks.

The SS Thistlegorm was dive-bombed and sunk in the Red Sea in 1941 near Ras Mohammed, and despite a visit from Jacques Cousteau was largely forgotten about until sport diving took off there in the 1990s. Today it is a must-do, thanks to its iconic cargo of Bedford trucks and motorbikes in the holds.

cutting edge photographic methods

This highly visual guide from Dived Up Publications uses cutting edge photographic methods to present views of the wreck and its fascinating cargo which were previously impossible.

The book is the culmination of decades of experience, archaeological and photographic expertise, many hours underwater, months of computer processing time, and days spent researching and verifying the history of the ship and its cargo.

For the first time, Diving the Thistlegorm brings the rich and complex contents of the wreck together, identifying individual items and illustrating where they can be found.

As the expert team behind the underwater photography, reconstructions and explanations take you through the wreck in incredible detail, you will discover not only what has been learned but also what mysteries are still to be solved.

The book promises ‘incredible photogrammetry’ showing the wreck and cargo in a whole new light.

Authors include Simon Brown, who is an underwater photographer and photogrammetry/3D expert; Jon Henderson, a Reader in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh where he is the Director of the Underwater Archaeology Research Centre. Alex Mustard is a former marine biologist and award-winning underwater photographer, and Mike Postons has pioneered the use of digital 3D modelling to visualise shipwrecks, as well as the processes of reconstructing original ships from historic plans.

Diving the Thistlegorm is published in hardback on 25 November 2020, priced £35 RRP. You can pre-order now from, Amazon, online and from book retailers.

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