Britannic gives up her secrets in new book

The story of a 2019 expedition to Titanic’s sister ship

Author: Pat
29th September 2021

Expedition Britannic by Rick Ayrton

The story of a dive mission to the HMHS Britannic, sister ship of the ill-fated Titanic, is told in a new book publishing this October.

‘Expedition Britannic’ by renowned UK technical diver Rick Ayrton promises to be an insight into the art of deep wreck diving, not least for his incredible original photographs of the largest ocean liner on the seabed.

only the most capable technical divers will ever experience the Britannic

Rick is well known as a rebreather diver and deep wreck photography specialist, and is a winner of several underwater photography awards.

His current CV includes Chairman of the Bristol Underwater Photography Group and member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers, with bygone credits such as filming of both series of Deep Wreck Mysteries and articles published in 990 Magazine, Sport Diver, Diver and Scuba.

Despite Rick’s impressive skill set, diving the Britannic is akin to climbing Everest and thus not a dive for the faint-hearted. Requiring meticulous planning, precise execution and good conditions, only the most capable technical divers will ever experience it.

Expedition Britannic is the story of the May 2019 mission to dive the Olympic-class liner-turned-hospital ship. Sunk near the Greek island of Kea during World War I and steeped in history, the opportunity to see a largely intact near-replica of the world’s most famous ocean liner makes it an ultimate dive to aspire to.

Assisted by expedition leader Scott Roberts, Rick’s new book will take the reader through the planning, logistics and preparation essential for scaling one of the pinnacles of wreck diving.

Expedition Britannic publishes on October 5th 2021 from, priced £25 RRP.

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