Poseidon offers solid-state sensor upgrade

Mk VI and SE7EN owners can switch to the latest technology

Author: Pat
1st September 2021

Poseidon rebreather owners are now invited to upgrade their units to the latest solid-state oxygen (O2) sensor technology.

The Swedish manufacturer is offering the upgrade to all remaining SE7EN Classic and MKVI rebreather owners.

The update takes approximately 10 working days plus shipping time. Owners must book a slot and date, and then you send their unit’s e-module to the factory to update the motherboard and cables.

This update is available in two options, with one or two solid-state sensors included – and the pricing depends on if you have a SE7EN or MkVI:

  • SE7EN Classic update incl. one solid-state sensor 15 000 SEK incl VAT (approx £1,260)
  • SE7EN Classic update incl. two solid-state sensors 20 000 SEK incl VAT. (approx £1,700)
  • Poseidon MKVI update incl. one solid-state sensor 30 000 SEK incl VAT. (approx (£2,500)
  • Poseidon MKVI update incl. two solid-state sensors 35 000 SEK incl VAT. (approx £3,000)

The MKVI update includes SE7EN+ E-module, HP-sensors, HUD and a choice of display or CAN cable for your existing M28.

The update process, payment, and handling can only be done directly with Poseidon in Sweden.

To book an update slot, email your serial number to support@poseidon.com and Poseidon will be in touch with further instructions for shipping and payments.

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