New Hollis technical systems for 2022

Latest BCDs and wings mix recreational and technical diving

Author: Pat
27th January 2022

Hollis ST System

It’s not often that a major manufacturer releases multiple products at once – but that’s exactly what Hollis is doing this season.

The new ST and DT Systems are a blend of recreational and technical equipment, designed to meet the needs of a diverse spectrum of divers.

US manufacturer Hollis is already a major force in the sidemount arena. However, these new systems are designed for backmounted tanks.

Ultimate flexibility

Although feature-rich, many BCDs and wings for single tanks don’t offer much in the way of flexibility. These new Hollis systems change all that.

First is the ST, which is for a single tanks and comes as standard with the brand’s latest backplate 2.0.

The ST has a continuous-weave harness (ie no failure points) and an ultra-rugged design. Two versions are available, either for blue water/travel diving (ST Travel) or the standard version better suited to UK diving.

The ST is the system to go for if you’re seeking paired-back utility: every detail has been re-examined during the design process and Hollis says only the essential components included.

Moving up takes us to the ST Elite, which is also for a single cylinder but can be specified with your choice of backplate (steel or aluminium). The main upgrade is the inclusion of a breaking harness and comfort pad, for extra flexibility.

Hollis ST System

At the top of the range is the DT System for twinset diving. You can choose your bladder size: the DT50 has 50lb (23kg) of buoyancy from a single cell, while the DT45 provides 45lb/20kg through a dual bladder.

The DT is also design for simplicity and this rugged, hard-wearing system should handle anything a cold water doubles diver can throw at it.

It comes with a single harness and the Hollis backplate 2.0. This system can also be used with a single tank with the purchase of an adapter (sold separately.)

Justin Hanning, Hollis UK Sales Manager said: “Our new ST and DT Systems are ideal for recreational and technical use year-round in the UK and travelling abroad. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and are confident these stylish new systems will serve their owners well for years to come.”

The ST, ST Elite and DT Systems are expected to arrive at Hollis UK and Ireland dealers from March 2022.

For more information, visit the Hollis website. You can contact Hollis UK on Facebook and Instagram.

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