Cressi Quantum solves mask fogging issue

Membranes direct moist air towards the skirt and away from the lenses

Author: Pat
24th February 2022

Cressi Quantum mask

Cressi has introduced the new Quantum mask, which it says solves the age-old problem of fogging.

This dual-pane subframe mask has a streamlined nose pocket designed to channel warm, damp air exiting the nose away from the lenses and into the skirt.

a membrane channels moisture away from the lenses

This internal thermo-regulation avoids the fogging phenomenon,thanks to a system of membranes set in the moulding around the eyes and nose.

Quantum mask – how it works

A patented membrane surrounding the inner nose pocket and both the inner eyes pockets acts as a barrier and traps any moisture escaping from the diver’s nose involuntarily when breathing through the mouth. The result is that not only is the moisture channelled away from the lenses, thus avoiding the fogging up of them, but it also reduces the need to compensate for pressure.

To further improve the anti-fog effect, Cressi suggests the first time the dive mask is used you should spray some anti-fog solution or apply some saliva (ie spit) on the inside of the lenses and then to rinse them with water.

The external part of the skirt features a cooling system composed of two small heat exchangers that act as radiators.

Thanks to this system, the temperature inside the mask drops, coming closer to the external temperature, and the droplets of humidity are trapped before the air reaches the lenses, preventing them from fogging up.

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Despite the presence of the small internal membranes directing the air flow and the external heat exchangers, the body of the Quantum mask is of a compact design.

The lenses are not treated chemically and Cressi advises new Quantum mask owners clean the lenses carefully with toothpaste or dishwashing detergent to remove dust that may have collected on the glass.

Cressi Quantum mask

The Cressi Quantum mask is available in a range of colours (including transparent). For more information, visit

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